Psyduck's Stats

Name: Psyduck

That's all, no scientific name. In Japanese it's 'Koduck.'
Number: 54
Pokémon, for some reason, are numbered. I guess that's what they do rather than bothering with taxonomy and Latin names and all of that.
Type: Water
To see other water Pokémon, return to the introduction page. Strangely, Psyduck is not also classified as Psychic, with the likes of Mr. Mime and Hypnos. This is beyond my comprehension.
Height: 0.8 Meters
That's 2 feet, 7 inches.
Weight: 19.6 Kilograms
That's 43 pounds.
Evolutions: Golduck
After time, some Pokémon 'evolve' into different, more advanced Pokémon. This concept of evolution is unlike that which we know, for it occurs within a given Pokémon's lifetime and the change happens very rapidly. See Psyduck and Golduck, under 'More Involved Issues.'