The Psyduck BLOG!

Date: 9/19/2006
Time: 3:37 AM
Mood: Elevated

Subject: UPDATES!

Hello psybuddies!

When I last updated this site --the first and still the most comprehensive Psyduck fan site on the internet-- approximately over half a decade ago, blogs were still "world wide web logs" and nobody that was anybody read them ever. How things have changed. In this great tradition of innovation, I now present the "monoblog," or one-time internet web log. This medium offers many advantages over conventional blogs, including convenience. "Psyduck, I choose you" is proud to lead us into this new era, and in celebration, we introduce a new feature to be introduced in the days to come. Now, broken links on this site will be designated by a slightly-dulled red color, rather than the usual vivid "Psyduck-rage Red" that endeared us to so many pokefans all those years ago (my how they've grown). We pledge to continue pushing the envelope with bi-decitennial updates, all the latest news, features, and Psyduck-related information, for the discerning reader/viewer in this age of information.

Please send feedback to ...but not until I set up such an account!

Until next time pokepsyfans,

-Your humble webhost